Saturday, 19 April 2014

Cat Card Cover

An Easter present for my cats which I am sure they won't want.

This cover for their vaccination cards was quick and easy to make. I used just over half of a random fat quarter I had lying around. I had been wondering what to do with two little cross stitches I had finished earlier in the year - both from the Tiddlers range - and also wanted to try my hand at reverse appliqué. This seemed like a good opportunity to try the technique.

I ironed interfacing on to the reverse of the cross stitches (using a pressing cloth because everyone says you must, and then NOT using one because I can't get the stupid stuff to stick with one, ever) and then measured and drew a square onto the back of each. I positioned them face down on the wrong side of the front piece, and stitched the squares. I then trimmed the excess interfacing and aida, turned the front piece over, and fiddled gingerly with my seam ripper until I had a little hole in the fabric. That was the scariest part; it was easy to then trim the fabric back to the stitches. I was pleasantly surprised by how simple it was, and it seems a really effective way of framing finished cross stitches into fabric.

When putting the sleeve together, I tried to do everything you're supposed to. I measured, pressed, did the twice-folded hem on the inside pockets, etc. I am pleased with the finish although despite measuring the sleeve still inexplicably came up slightly small for the cards! I think this is because I didn't account for top stitching. No matter - the cards were easy to trim ;)

This took about an hour - not including the cross stitches, which I guess took about 30 mins each. The weight of the cards means I can stand it up to display it, next to a pretty box in which I keep their medication. It is their most hated shelf, I'm sure - but it looks nice!

If I made a similar thing again I would be braver and use a contrasting thread to frame the cross stitches, and maybe the topstitching too. This time I used one which would disappear in case of mistakes, but now I know it works I think a contrasting thread would look nice.

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